Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the perfect adjunct to Structural Integration. The reason for that is that Yoga is the birthplace of Structural Integration. Yoga helps to maintain and expand the changes achieved through structural work.

Ida Rolf, the creator of this style of bodywork she named Structural Integration, came to develop this field of bodywork after getting amazing results with her own issues related to spinal arthritis. After she learned to practice Yoga her friends were so amazed by her physical improvements that they inquired how she had received such wonderful changes. She attempted to share what she had learned with her friends but found that they were either too feeble to practice Yoga or lacked the discipline needed to achieve satisfactory results. So she would put them in Yoga postures and work manually on the restrictions that became apparent within the posture. Over time she refined her practice of manual work through her study with Osteopaths and came to develop what is now known as Structural Integration, also known as “Rolfing.”

Session information

The sessions are 1 hour long and are geared to any level of Yoga practitioner, from absolute beginner to advanced yogis.

My aim is to prescribe a series of asanas designed to work with whatever issue is at hand, then get together after a short time to see how the prescription is working. It is my desire that you would need only a few sessions with me, gaining the self confidence to be your own Yoga therapist as soon as possible.

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My Yoga Journey

My Yoga path has been long and varied beginning with my time spent with Sri Swami Satchidananda as a 16 and 17 year old. It was a very rich experience for me, diving deeply into Raja Yoga which is a multi faceted path including Hatha Yoga postures, Meditation, Pranayama, Kria and Bhakti Yoga.
I practiced religiously for several years, then as a university student slowly let my practice slide.

I came back to Hatha Yoga 23 years ago as a 40 year old, and have been studying and practicing consistently ever since. I have had the immense good fortune to study with many of the best Yoga teachers in the world including John Friend, with whom I spent over 700 hours of study. All totaled I’ve invested many thousands of hours studying, and more importantly, practicing Yoga’s multifaceted aspects.

My therapeutic Yoga sessions are specifically designed to bring better balance into the whole structure. I use the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians as my guide to achieve this balance. In general all issues related to structural imbalances are a combination of one aspect of the body being too weak and another being too tight.

The style of Yoga I teach is based on principles of alignment I learned from John Friend as well as what I’ve gleaned through my own practice as a yogi and bodyworker.