Patrick is the most amazing rolfer I’ve ever had. I had major chest surgery and as a result have been plagued with “incurable” posture and muscular issues, breathing issues, nerve issues and so on. I’ve dealt with them for years and years… after my rolfing appointment I had an experience so intense it felt like some multidimensional awakening in my chest. I immediately saw HUGE results in my chest area in ways I never even thought would be possible with this. He’s truly AWESOME and I 100000% recommend anyone to go get rolfing here. He also is great at yoga and is humble, doesn’t try to push his views on you about the best this or best that. Fantastic 10/10 would recommend again.

–Travis M

Patrick’s masterful work truly transforms the bodily structure. I came to Patrick with a frozen shoulder and chronic knee pain that interfered with my ability to drive, kneel, sit and walk. After a few sessions my shoulder released the stiffness, the ribcage fell into a natural alignment with the spine, and the lung, constricted since a childhood accident, began to breathe freely. Patrick intuitively locates tension in the body-mind, and with deep gentle touch assists the body’s inherent ability to heal. My right leg, previously diagnosed as being 6 mm shorter than the left one, began to unwind, allowing the hip, knee, and ankle joints to align, and for the first time in many years I was able to stand balanced and move with ease. Patrick is very relational, warm, and engaging. He puts you at your ease. I particularly appreciate his encouragement to take responsibility for a recovered well-being through regular exercise (yoga) and self-massage. Patrick’s work gave me a new lease on life and I am deeply grateful to him.


Thinking back on a fun time at Mt. Bachelor last weekend; I had 3 great days of skiing and friends! Thanks to Patrick Harestad for taking me from practically disabled with Sciatica pain to very able in less than 48 hours!

–Kevin D