Structural Integration


Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) is the work of Thomas Myers, who has 30 years experience as a structural integrator, is a master Rolfer and was a Rolf institute anatomy trainer for many years. KMI is a revolutionary map for understanding whole body soft tissue patterns and treatment strategies. KMI is a deep, gentle, and effective way to create lasting structural change in the body.

This bodywork uses Myers’ Anatomy Trains system of understanding the myofascial meridians throughout the body. KMI uses a wide variety of tissue techniques to release the tension in these myofascial meridians, giving you a greater sense of ease and increased range of motion. It is uniquely designed to unravel and resolve complex patterns of posture and body use such as, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, dowager’s hump, chronic neck and back issues, etc. This state of being supports the joints but gives space for the joints to work efficiently. As Dr. Ida Rolf once said, “pain is the body’s way of requesting space.”

Patrick also offers Yoga Therapy sessions which are based on the Universal Principals of Alignment ™ as created by John Friend. These principles of alignment serve to bring us into dynamic balance throughout the structure. The two modalities of KMI and Anusara are ideally suited to the process of healing or reaching your potential as a living being.

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