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Session Series

What is the benefit of multiple sessions?

Having multiple sessions allows us to dive more deeply into the causes and conditions related to your issue. These causes and conditions are not always readily apparent. Multiple sessions affords us the chance to work with the less than perfect patterns of body usage as well as have the chance to uncover hidden aspects of chronic pain related to injury. Through this process we create new postural and body usage patterns which lead to ease and the optimal functionality of this precious human body.

What does a 6 session series look like?

In a 6 session series we will begin with a series of postural and movement assessments related to your needs and desires. We will discuss what we find and I will explain my treatment strategy if that is of interest to you.
Sessions 1 through 3 will be concerned with the Superficial Lines of the body.

In these sessions we will be primarily concerned with the front to back and side to side balance in the body. We will also address any twists and tilts found in the superficial fascia. We will explore how the joints are functioning and address anything related to the joints that lies in the Superficial Front Line, Superficial Back Line, Lateral Lines, and Spiral Lines.

Sessions 4 through 6 will deal primarily with the deeper structures of the body and with the body’s ability to move from the core to the sleeve ( or deeper to more superficial layers) in an integrated way. In the last session we will devote roughly half of our time on how to maintain and expand on the positive postural changes we’ve made.

The 12-Sessions Series

In the 12 sessions series we have more time to cover all that has been spoken of before in the 6 sessions series and we also work with your gait, and your mode of movement in general, in a more thorough and dynamic way. We have the opportunity to work into the jaw and cranium as well as address any issues related to the sphenoid bone.

Sessions ten through twelve are devoted to a thorough integration of the whole structure in gravity. This is a truly unique opportunity to understand your wholeness and your relationship to gravity on a completely new level. With a 12 sessions series old patterns of posture and body usage are understood and new patterns are installed fully. I’ll give you all the tools needed to maintain and enhance the new patterns of optimal functionality.


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